Permitted/ Restricted/ Not allowed Pproducts for use in Organic Crop Production

Products for use in Fertilizing and Soil conditioning

In organic agriculture the maintenance of soil fertility may be achieved through the recycling of organic material whose nutrients are made available to crops through the action of soil micro-organisms and bacteria. Many of these inputs are restricted for use in organic production. In this appendix “restricted”, means that the conditions and the procedure for use shall be set by the

Farmyard& poultry manure, slurry, urine Permitted
Crop residues and green manure Permitted
Straw and other mulches Permitted
Blood meal, meat meal, bone meal and feather meal Restricted without preservatives
Compost made from any carbon based residues Restricted (animal excrement including poultry)
Farmyard manure, slurry, urine restricted (Preferably after control fermentation) Not Permitted
Fish and fish products without preservatives Restricted
Guano Restricted
Human excrement Not Allowed
By-products from the food and textile industries of bio-degradable Restricted
Peat without synthetic additives (Prohibited for soil conditioning) Permitted
Saw dust, wood shavings, wood provided which comes Permitted
Sea weed and sea weed products obtained by physical process, extraction Restricted
Sewage sludge and urban compost from separated sources Restricted
Straw Restricted
Vermicasts Restricted
Animal Charcoal Restricted
Compost and spent mushroom and vermiculate substance Restricted
Compost from organic household Restricted
Compost from plant residues Restricted
By products from oil palm, coconut and cocoa Restricted
By products of industries processing ingredients from Restricted
By products from oil palm, coconut and cocoa Restricted


Basic slag Restricted
Calcareous and magnesium rocks Restricted
Calcified sea weed Restricted
Calcium chloride Permitted
Calcium carbonate of network origin Permitted
Mineral potassium with low chlorine content Restricted
Natural phosphates (Rock phosphates) Restricted
Pulverised rock Restricted
Sodium chloride Restricted
Trace elements (boran, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) Restricted
Woodash from untreated wood Restricted
Potassium sulphate Restricted
Magnesium sulphate (Epson salt) Restricted
Gypsum (calcium sulphate) Restricted
Stillage and stillage extract Restricted
Aluminum calcium phosphate Restricted
Sulphur Restricted
Stone mill Restricted
Clay (bentonite, perlite, zeolite) Permitted

Microbiological Preprations

Bacterial preparations (biofertilizers) Permitted
Biodynamic preparations Permitted
Plant preparations and botanical extracts Permitted
Vermiculate Permitted
Peat Permitted